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Hello, I am Alvin White, owner of The Carolina Healthy Vending Company and an advocate of healthy food consumption through healthy vending. With the growing statistics of childhood and adult obesity rates increasing in America. At The Carolina Healthy Vending Company our MISSION is simple. To provide healthy snack and beverage choices using a vending machine concept, with a personalized customer service approach for your company or facility within the Cape Fear, Coastal Carolina region.

We offer healthy choices which range from Good, Better to Best, transforming lifestyles while offering more healthy, natural, low-calorie snack and beverage options. With established locations we provide machines to our clients in a timely manner with absolutely NO contract, or long-term commitment. While offering a trained staff prepared to service and stock each machine on a regular basis.

While made in the USA, I believe our e-Smart, healthy vending machines can make a significant impact to help economically empower the choices people make. Place our healthy vending machine alongside traditional sugary snack and drink machines or simply replace your machines with a much healthier option and watch the positive response you will receive, which allows us to reach a wider audience. Along with my team’s strong work ethic and customer service the rewards will be significant for your business or program.

Interested in receiving more information ? Then please review our Capability Statement, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If you would like me to visit your facility, then please leave your name, number, and any other brief information through our Contact Us email link. The Carolina Healthy Vending Company, “Carolina Healthy, Carolina Strong.” Thank you.

Have a Healthy Day,

Alvin White


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